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You can "Do Something!"

Volunteers for the Intake, 2nd shift, and 3rd shifts must be 18 years or older and attend a training session.  The next training session is on Monday, November 29, at 7pm at the Our Savior Lutheran Church, 2401 N. Lincoln Rd., Escanaba. 


Intake Volunteer – 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Cell Phones on & check for messages

Set Up Check-In Area / Unlock doors at 6:00 pm

Perform breathalyzer, personal search (with metal detector)

Search clients' belongings

Supervise smoke breaks

Socialize with clients

Send message to The Salvation Army Social Worker


2nd Shift Volunteers - 10:30 pm to 3 am

Debrief with Exiting Volunteers
Lights Out in Sleeping Areas
Monitor Sleeping and Common Areas


3rd Shift Volunteers -  3 am to 8 am

Debrief with Exiting Volunteers
Monitor Sleeping and Common Areas

Lights On 7 to 7:15 am

Set out Breakfast Items

Lock-up supplies & building


Evening Meal Volunteers

Set Up Meal Area   -   Serve dinner approx. 6:45 pm
Dine and Socialize   -   Clean Up


Pack-Up Volunteers

Report to Shelter Sunday morning as instructed by Coordinator
Clients are instructed where to place bedding, linens, and personal totes
Supervise clients disinfecting bedding and areas used by shelter

Rotating supplies placed in totes & to pick-up area

Host site supplies & laundry placed in church storage


Laundry Volunteers

Collect shelter bedding & linens Sunday morning or afternoon as instructed by Coordinator
After laundering, items will be stored or delivered/picked-up as directed by Coordinator
Shelter Guests are responsible for laundering their personal items

Moving / Set-Up Volunteers

Pick up rotating shelter supplies from previous host site Sunday afternoon as instructed by Coordinator.  Transport and set up supplies at new host church location. 

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